Re: PickManinpulationRendererJ3D & Flow

Hi Geert,

> I have a GriddedSet with 4 datareferences. Each datareference has
> arrows/flows in another direction and also a
> PickManipulationRendererJ3D. But if I click on the arrows, only the left
> one shoots an event and only a small piece of the arrow is sensitive. In
> attachment you can find a test program.
> Someone a suggestion?

Each right mouse click returns only a single DataReference.
Since eahc of your 4 Fields of arrows has the same Set, they
have the same locations. Since the "left" arrows are the first
ones addReference()'ed, they are the first ones found for each
click, and the one triggering CellImpl.

There is no simple way to get the VisAD to trigger all the
Fields that are close to the click, unless you write your
own code to find such coincidences. In your test case it
would be easy, since you know all four Fields share all


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