Re: AW: Mouse click in DisplayImplJ2D

<HTML><P>Nice, it works.</P>
<P>thanks alot,</P>

<BLOCKQUOTE TYPE="CITE">Hi Kan,<BR><BR>&gt; I notice that<BR>&gt; offers similar 
functionality,<BR>&gt; but it is only for 3D, in other words, I cannot<BR>&gt; 
do:&nbsp;myDisplayImplJ2D.addReferences<BR>&gt; (PickManipulationRendererJ3D, 
myDataRef).<BR><BR>You could use a DisplayImplJ3D in 2d-mode. Construct it 
with<BR><BR>display = new DisplayImplJ3D(new 
TwoDDisplayRendererJ3D());<BR><BR>That tells your display to use Java3D but to 
make a 2D-Visualization.<BR>With this display you can use your 
PickManipulationRendererJ3D.<BR><BR>Hope that helps, 

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