Re: translation howto?

Hello again,

You wouldn't happen to know how I can calculate the 'height' of the axis
(height when the long portion of the axis is horizontal)?  Should be
linewidth + offset from box + ticksize + label size.  I've been playing
around in AxisScale, but I haven't really gotten a firm grasp on where these
values are located.


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Subject: Re: translation howto?

> Hi Brandon,
> > I'm attempting to create a 2D graph display that resizes when it's
> > window resizes.  I'm using the autoAspect feature and some resizing code
> > that I found on a JPython script sheet that resizes the box to some
> > percentage of the window via the matrix in ProjectionControl.  The
> > is that when the graph is resized this way it is centered in the panel
> > only the box coords, not the box plus the axes.  So, when I resize the
> > to say 75% + of the window, the axis labels are out of the canvas.
> > less than 75% leaves alot of whitespace all around the graph (which is
> > I want to avoid).  I figure one way around this problem is to calc the
> > of the axes and then translate the box up and left by these amounts.
> > do the resize.  This seems like a pretty bad hack, and I'm wondering if
> > there is a better way to do this.  If I'm stuck with the hack, is there
> > simple way to do the translation?
> I wouldn't call it a hack, since any code that does what you
> want will have to make this calculation. The only question is
> whether that code is encapsulated behind some simple API.
> There is no such method that I know of in VisAD, so you'll
> probably have to code one yourself. You can use the make_matrix()
> method of MouseBehavior (get the MouseBehavior from the
> DisplayRenderer, which you get from the DisplayImpl) to
> convert a translation into a matrix, then use MouseBehavior's
> multiply_matrix() method to combine it with the matrix you
> get from ProjectionControl.getMatrix(), and pass the result
> back to ProjectionControl.setMatrix().
> Good luck,
> Bill

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