translation howto?


I'm attempting to create a 2D graph display that resizes when it's parent
window resizes.  I'm using the autoAspect feature and some resizing code
that I found on a JPython script sheet that resizes the box to some
percentage of the window via the matrix in ProjectionControl.  The problem
is that when the graph is resized this way it is centered in the panel using
only the box coords, not the box plus the axes.  So, when I resize the box
to say 75% + of the window, the axis labels are out of the canvas.  Anything
less than 75% leaves alot of whitespace all around the graph (which is what
I want to avoid).  I figure one way around this problem is to calc the sizes
of the axes and then translate the box up and left by these amounts.  Then
do the resize.  This seems like a pretty bad hack, and I'm wondering if
there is a better way to do this.  If I'm stuck with the hack, is there a
simple way to do the translation?

Thanks for any help!


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