Re: Sets and Colours

On Wed, 27 Mar 2002, axon@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> I want to visualize connections between atoms, and each (half-)line must be
> coloured by atom's colour. I have something like this:
> N -> (set(X, Y, Z), (Red, Green, Blue)) ,

Try the MathType:

  (N -> (set(X, Y, Z), Red, Green, Blue))

The inner parentheses around (Red, Green, Blue) causes
it to be treated as a RealTupleType and independent of
set(X, Y, Z). You'll also probably need to call setRange()
on the ScalarMaps to Red, Green and Blue.

> N is in Integer1DSet(Max),
> set(X, Y ,Z):= Gridded3DSet(X, Y, Z) with mainfold dimension 1 (lines),
> ScalarMaps are XAxis, YAxis, ZAxis, Red, Green, Blue.
> So, if all colour elements are the same (Red1=...=RedMax,
> Green1=...=GreenMax, Blue1=...=BlueMax) I see only grey lines instead of my
> own colour. Is it right? Where can I read how it works?

Good luck, Bill

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