An important message from Tim Leary


If you create or help develop software for a PDA or other
handheld device I have very good news for you today. That
good news is that there is a new player at the table, Split
Second Software. 

At Split Second Software we are all about instant
gratification. On the retail side of the equation that means
finding the best software for our customers and making it
available to them for instant download.

On the software developer side of the equation that means
working with our developers, not trying to make them work
for us. We partner with developers, helping them find vital
new outlets to sell more software in less time. We value our
developers, harnessing our software marketing power to
achieve new market penetration, creating the results, and
income, they desire. 

If you want to work with a company that will show you
respect and show you the money, you want to work with Split
Second Software.

To learn more, contact me directly at
tleary@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx or call me at 305-672-1618 in
U.S. Eastern time. Feel free to visit our site, currently
under development, at

I look forward to hearing from you and hope we can work
together to achieve amazing results.

Best regards

Tim Leary

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