Re: DisplayImplJ3D input ignored

I've seen this problem for years. The VisAD code is in
visad/java3d/ and is pretty simple.

The fact that clicking outside of any Java window fixes
the problem leads me to believe that the problem is in
the connection between Java3D, Swing and the windowing

On the other hand, if anyone can suggest a change to the
VisAD code that would work around this problem, we'd be
very happy.


On Tue, 19 Mar 2002 enigma@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> About 90% of the time, when I start-up my VISAD application, any mouse
> or key clicks in the DisplayImplJ3D viewport window are ignored until I
> click on any other part of the window (window frame, any Swing
> component, etc).  However, on occasion if I move the pointer to the
> DisplayImplJ3D viewport and click on button 1, the 3-D histogram goes
> ahead and rotates the way I would expect.
> Has anyone seen this behavior before and if so how can I fix it so
> the viewport reacts to mouse and key clicks immediately on start-up.
> The VISAD code I am using is based on the code available from
> P.S. I'm running under Solaris 8, fully patched, and java 1.4.0-beta3.

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