Re: RH Linux 7.x and VisAD/Java3D

I found this on the Java3D list.  It seems to have fixed my problem with X 


On Friday 15 March 2002 02:00 pm, Ricardo Mantilla wrote:
> Hi Doug,
> I am running into a similar kind of problem with my Java3D.  Although my
> X server does't crash it crashes the JVM.
> Could you be more specific on the configuration you are using.  I'd like
> to know the results of running these comands on your machine
>  XFree86 -version
> rpm -q NVIDIA_kernel
> rpm -q NVIDIA_GLX
> Thanks,
> Ricardo
> Doug Lindholm wrote:
> >Been there, done that. I have a NVIDIA TNT2 card on my RedHat 7.2 box at
> >home. I'm using the latest Java3D (1.3beta1) from Blackdown. I don't
> >recall exactly what I did but I think it only involved installing the
> >latest XFree86 4.x and the latest nvidia driver. It works now with
> >accelerated 3D. Let me know if you continue to have problems and I'll
> >look into the details.
> >
> >Good Luck,
> >Doug
> >
> >"Kevin L. Manross" wrote:
> >>Is anyone out there succesfully running VisAD and/or Java3D on RedHat
> >>Linux 7.x?  (ie. without your X server crashing upon exiting a java3D
> >>app - including VisAD)  If you are, could you please let me know:
> >>
> >>1)  What version of XFree86 you are running
> >>2)  What type of video card you have
> >>3)  Whether you are running the Java3d for Linux from or
> >> not 4)  Anything you know about the Mesa patch you may be using
> >>
> >>If you could let me know as many of these as possible (offline) i would
> >>greatly appreciate it!  Chris Burghart has done so by building his own
> >>XFree86, but i'm not that whippy.
> >>
> >>Thanks again!
> >>
> >>-kevin.

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