Re: How can I change between displaying 2D or 3D objects

Hi Erik,

Just add both a DisplayImplJ2D and DisplayImplJ3D to your
GUI, and change which one is visible with setVisible().

Also, you can make a DisplayImplJ3D look 2-D by constructing
it with a TwoDDisplayRendererJ3D DisplayRenderer.


At 10:06 AM 3/14/2002, you wrote:
>I want to display 2D or 3D objects.
>My main problem: I display a 2D-Object with displayImplJ2D and want to
>display a new 3D-Object with displayImplJ3D.
>Can I change between displayImplJ2D and displayImplJ3D
>or can I tell the 3D-Display to look like a 2D-Display
>or is there a posibility to reinitialize the displayImpl?
>Greetings Erik

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