Re: set display color

Hi Yakup,

> I am using JColorChooser in my aplication. I am trying to set the line color 
> or display color to the color picked up from JColorChooser. My problem is the 
> following: I am using Constant maps in the display  but I cannot change 
> constant map values since they need Real Type. I mean I cannot give color 
> value picked up from jfilechooser as a parameter to the constant map.
> Is there any way to solve this problem?

If T is the MathType of your data, construct RealTypes
r, g and b, and construct a new TupleType (r, g, b, T).
Construct a Tuple of this type and link to your Display.
Instead of ConstantMaps to Red, Green and Blue, use
ScalarMaps of r -> Red, etc. Then when you want to update
colors, construct a new Tuple (r, g, b, T) and pass it to
setData() of you DataReferenceImpl.

Good luck, Bill

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