Plane in which text presented in 3D

Text placement in 3D is done in the X-Y plane by default
and there seems to be no obvious mechanism by which it could
be placed otherwise. We are designing a display in which
the initial presentation will be altitude up-down in 
the screen plane and latitude perpendicular to the screen,
contrary to all the VisAD coding examples.

We accomplish this by associating altitude with Display.ZAxis, 
as is typical in the coding examples. Then we use a 
ProjectionControl to rotate the DisplayImpl object. But then
of course, the text we placed in it (after studying Test45 
of the examples) is lying down...

The workaround seems to be to assign Latitude to 
Display.ZAxis and Altitude to Display.YAxis and not
make an initial rotation. But this seems to be a dangerous 
departure from the conventions of VisAD in that much of 
its power appears to derive from adhering to said conventions.
What to do?

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