Re: Redhat 7.2 crashes when I close a visad application


Most likely what you are seeing is a Mesa bug that gets tickled by
Java3D.  The bug I'm thinking of will completely crash the X server
upon exit from a Java3D app.  The newest versions of XFree86 have the
Mesa bug fix in place, but I don't know if any the available RPMs
are new enough to include the fix.  It's probably worth trying the
updated ones available from RedHat:

The other option if this fails is to download and build a current
XFree86 distribution.

Chris Burghart

Jason Rose wrote:

Has anyone out there who develops on linux run into the problem where linux logs you out when you try to close an application running visad? I also sometimes get logged out when I try adjusting the z-scale or the colors being mapped to my visad display. I noticed an old thread which suggested updating to the latest version of glibc, I've tried this and it doesn't solve the problem. Thanks,
Jason Rose

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