RE: VisAD Applets not redrawing after returning to page.

HI Matthias,

In order to avoid the exceptions concerning static parameters, I had
changed Ugo Taddei's program to use

        RealType time = RealType.getRealType( "time" );
        RealType height = RealType.getRealType( "Height" );

Using 'new' was giving me exceptions saying that those RealType names
already exist. I do not receive any other Exception errors in my java
console. I am not sure if the static issue is present anywhere else.

Lastly, I'm not sure why the applet did not load for you. I hope it is
an isolated incident. I am running IE/WinXP/Java1.3.1_02 and it seems to
run here.

Thanks for looking at this,

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Subject: AW: VisAD Applets not redrawing after returning to page.

Hi David,

I was not able to run your applet so I have to guess what the error
could be. Nevertheless I guess it is a problem with some static
parameter. I realized that IE and maybe Netscape do not reinitialize
static parameters when you return to a page that is allready in their
cache. Because of that I often got Exceptions like NullPointer or
ArrayOutOfBounds. You should check the Java console for exceptions.

By the way I saw no static parameters in your program. Perhaps the
problem lies somewhere in VisAD or Java3D.

Cheers, Mathias

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