VisAD Applets not redrawing after returning to page.

Hi All,

I am having some trouble with using VisAD in applets. It seems to work
fine when I first load the application, but if I visit another page and
return later (via the back button) the visualization does not return.
The VisAD display component, however, is there.

I have posted a small demonstration on my website. It is a slightly
modified version of Ugo Taddei's first program in his tutorial. I have
modified it slightly so that it will run as an applet. When you first
visit the page, it works fine. Then if you visit another page, say, hit the back button, the display does not work the second

The applet can be accessed at I
have also attached a copy of the modified code.

I am not sure if this is a java issue: am I not completing something
properly, or if this may have something to do with VisAD. Can someone
point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance,

David Nguyen
Computer Engineering
Northwestern University

Description: Binary data

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