Re: print image to file

If you want to capture a VisAD display to a file format besides
JPEG, you can use DisplayImpl.getImage() to capture the current
display to a BufferedImage and use it for whatever imaging
operation you want.

For example, Sun's optional Java Advanced Imaging package can
save to many other image file formats.


At 02:12 PM 3/1/2002, Luke Catania wrote:
>Here's the answer from a previous email on this subject:
>The static method:
>visad.util.Util.captureDisplay(DisplayImpl disp, String filename)
>will take the contents of the 'disp' and save it to 'filename' in
>JPEG format.
>I don't know how to save it in other formats unless there is a way through
>the Java 2D API.

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