SelectRange performance


My performance is an order of magnitude better (from 10s of seconds to a
few seconds for a colortable change) now that I am using setRange on my
ScalarMaps (in effect disabling autoscaling).

I'm still getting a big performance hit (changing colortable is an order
of magnitude slower - 10s of seconds as opposed to a few seconds) when I
use ScalarMaps to SelectRange to keep data from hanging beyond my axis
ranges. This only happens with image data that extends beyond my axis
range and thus needs to be cropped. If my axis range is larger that my
image domain, I get no performance hit. If the data are contoured, no
hit. I can imagine that crunching the triangles (or whatever) to render
only the image within the axes would be a hit, but I wouldn't expect an
order of magnitude, especially just changing the colortable. 

Does that kind of hit sound reasonable or do you have any ideas to
optimize this one. Doing a setRange on the SelectRange map (in addition
to setting the range of its Control) doesn't help.


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