Re: Filtering 3d Data

See VisAD example 61...if those sliders are what you want then...

Basically, you map the RealTypes of your axes not only to
Display.XAxis, etc., but also to Display.SelectRange...and all the
maps all to your Display.

Then create 3 visad.util.SelectRangeWidgets, with the corresponding
ScalarMaps...add them to your UI and use them to control the ranges.


On Mon, 25 Feb 2002, f f wrote:

> hi, i'm attempting to set up my app so that there are sliders to set
> upper/lower limits on the values to be displayed in a 3d render. eg, for
> each x,y,z there is some w and i want to set a lower and upper limit on the
> w's that will be shown. so the data has to be filtered somehow... i think
> this would probably be easiest using a Grid3d of some kind but I don't know
> how.
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