Re: Filtering 3d Data

On Mon, 25 Feb 2002, f f wrote:
> hi, i'm attempting to set up my app so that there are sliders to set 
> upper/lower limits on the values to be displayed in a 3d render. eg, for 
> each x,y,z there is some w and i want to set a lower and upper limit on the 
> w's that will be shown. so the data has to be filtered somehow... i think 
> this would probably be easiest using a Grid3d of some kind but I don't know 
> how.

You can create ScalarMaps of any RealType to SelectRange, and
create a GUI for them using visad.util.SelectRangeWidget. You can
find a couple examples in visad/examples/Test*.java.

Good luck, Bill

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