Re: fun with spheres...

Hi Tom,

> I'm attempting to render points as spheres.  But i'm having problems w/
> rendering in POLYGON_FILL mode w/i visad.   My intention is to have multiple
> solid, shaded spheres displayed of consistent size, but I get spotty fill
> with inconsistent size...  Since a picture is worth a thousand words i'll
> put links to pictures which best describe my situation.  The second pic. is
> of the first zoomed into a sphere (which includes a shaded come...???)  What
> am I missing?

My best guess is that there is some problem with your
normals, or even errors in your geometry. The attached
jar file includes a Python program and a data
file dna_molecule.txt read by the program. This
program draws atoms as octahedra (poor man's spheres)
with no problem. Also, VisAD draws vary complex shapes
including spehres as iso-surfaces without problem.

Good luck,

Attachment: dna.jar
Description: Zip archive

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