Re: Irregular2Dsets and Irregular3Dsets

Tiago Simoes wrote:
>   Until now i've being using Irregular2dSets to creat small "rectangles"
> where a flatfield shows the color behaviour, but now i've to introduce
> Altitude to the system and instead of rectangles i must have cubes or
> Irregular3dsets i thought.
>   For a Irregualr2dset you define 4 points and 4 color values in each
> point and you have a "solid" rectangle, but i create a irregular3dset
> with 8 points with eight color values in for the flatfield i get 4
> points in space instead of a cube with color variation.
>   How can i get a cube?

Irregular2DSet makes triangles not rectangles, and Irregular3DSet
makes tetrahedra not cubes. To get a topology of cubes you must
use Gridded3DSet. However, neither Irregular3DSet nor Gridded3DSet
will make a volume rendering. For that you need a Linear3DSet. If
you have curvey cubes in your Gridded3DSet then you must resample
your Field to a Linear3DSet to get a volume rendering.