change color optimization


I have a bunch of station data with many time samples of each. I'm
displaying them with shapes ( time -> ((x,y,z) -> (color, shape)) ). I
use the "color" type to map to RGB. I give it a constant color by giving
BaseColorControl a table with a single color. Thus, I can easily change
colors of my shapes via the BaseColorControl. I map time to Animation to
get the sample I want.

Unfortunately, if I change the color of one shape, VisAD seems to be
working very hard with everything in the display instead of only the
shape being modified. All the data in the display blinks during this and
is not pretty. It's not so bad without the Animation map, but it still
seems slow. I tried display.disableAction() before calling
control.setTable() but that doesn't seem to help.

Any ideas how to optimize changing colors (and other properties via


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