Re: cannot see the display object

Hi Yakup,

First, I was unable to get your applet loaded in either IE or Netscape
on my machine.  You should run your HTML applet code through Sun's
HTMLConverter program (downloadable from their site) to ensure your
applet works in both IE and Netscape.  I have set up an applet at as an example.

However, my example applet also suffers from the problem that you have
described, where upon being run a second time, no data is visible
within the VisAD display.

Unfortunately, I have not found a solution to this problem.  I noticed
the following things while experimenting:

1) If you go to the Java Plug-in Console in IE, and press 'X' to clear
   the class loader cache, then reload the applet, it works again.

2) If you refresh the applet web page a few times, after a few tries
   it will display properly again.

Based on the above, my guess is that the problem stems from the Java
Plug-in class loader, although I have no idea if any work-arounds are

Sorry I can't be of more help.


At 06:03 AM 2/8/2002, you wrote:
>Hello again,
>When I first run my applet, I can see the display obejct but when I close my 
>application and run it again, it dissappears. In order to see it, i need to 
>close all Internet Explorer windows. What could be the reason for this?
>You can also visit my page 
>  and run the program. You will see during your second run, visad object 
>Yakup Bayram
>Graduate Research Associate
>ElectroScience Laboratory
>The Ohio State University
>1320 Kinnear Road
>Columbus, OH,USA 43212
>Work-Phone: 1-614- 2927981

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