Re: Multiple Spread Sheets

Hi Sylvain,

One of the main assumptions the code makes is that no cells
have duplicate names.  There may be other reasons for your problems,
too, but certainly having multiple cells with the same name would
create some issues.

The first thing I would suggest is that you write some code to
tailor the SpreadSheets to your own application's purposes.  The and are designed to be
flexible components in any application, not just  You could easily write some code that puts
FancySSCells with unique names into several different window frames.
For a simple example of utilizing the SpreadSheet API in your own
application, see visad/examples/

Alternately, I suppose the SpreadSheet could be modified so that it
enforces name uniqueness more strictly, and thus a second
SpreadSheet would always use row and column enumeration that doesn't
overlap with existing SpreadSheets.


At 12:30 AM 2/8/2002, you wrote:
>I would like my application to create several SpreadSheets and display them 
>simultaneously, but that doesn't seem possible. Whenever I create a second 
>SpreadSheet, some of the graphs in the first SpreadSheet disappear.  
>I don't know exactly what to look for. Could it be related to duplication of 
>cell names?  Other limitations along the line of 1 SS per JVM?
>Any suggestions, would be greatly appreciated. 

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