Usage of FomulaManager

Hi everybody,

I want to implement a "Command Line" in my application in a way that I
am able to both resolve mathematical equations with my VisAD-Data
objects like the FormulaManager does and that I am able to execute
commands like list() but also methods in my classes like
DisplayImpl.addMap(ScalarMap). Therefore the command line has to be able
to parse expressions like the following examples:


where display, xmap, x, y and z are Objects but not necessarily
visad.Thing objects. Is there a way to construct a FormulaManager that
is able to parse all these expressions or do I have to do some kind of
pre-parsing which filters everything the FormulaManager is not able to

Is there a way to get Exceptions or "error reports" from the
FormulaManager if it was not able to parse the line?

Is there a general documentation of the visad.formula package? I only
found the docs and examples included in the package and its

Many thanks in advance, Mathias

Mathias Stümpert
email: mathias@xxxxxxxxxxxx

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