Confusion with Tuples

Hi, visad comunity

I´m tring to drawn some shapes and made a TupleType like this:

           visad.RealType count = new RealType("count", null, null);
MathType[] simbolType = new MathType[] {RealType.Latitude, RealType.Longitude, count};
           TupleType simbolTuple = new TupleType(mtypes);

But when I try to make a Tuple whith it:

DataReferenceImpl refSimbol = new DataReferenceImpl("refSimbol");
           FieldImpl simbolField = new FieldImpl(simbolFunction, shapeSet);
           Data[] sp = new Data[] {new Real(RealType.Latitude, -50.0),
                              new Real(RealType.Longitude, -25.0),
                              new Real(count, 1.0)};
           Tuple ss = new Tuple(simbolTuple, sp);
           simbolField.setSample(0, ss);

I recive the message:
       visad.TypeException: Tuple: type does not match data
       at visad.Tuple.<init>(
       at visad.Tuple.<init>(
       at br.simepar.apps.jvisrad.NomesCidades.<init>(
       at br.simepar.apps.jvisrad.JVisRad.<init>(
       at br.simepar.apps.jvisrad.Principal.<init>(
       at br.simepar.apps.jvisrad.Principal.main(

**The line "" is: Tuple ss = new Tuple(simbolTuple, sp);
Any help would be appreciated. :-D

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