Re: printing

Hi Yakup,

It sounds like you are trying to use Internet Explorer to print a VisAD
display.  Any problems you have are very likely browser-related rather
than VisAD-related.

However, VisAD does have built-in support for printing to a printer.
You can print your display by doing:

import java.awt.print.*;
DisplayImpl display = ...;
PrinterJob printJob = PrinterJob.getPrinterJob();
Printable p = display.getPrintable();
if (printJob.printDialog()) printJob.print();

Please try printing out your display that way, and let the list know
if you still experience the same problem.


At 01:27 PM 1/28/2002, you wrote:
>I am writing a java applet by using Visad package. I need to have a print out 
>of the 3D or 2D plot and What I do is that I create a static applet and  gives 
>selfreference to itself and then I open new internet explorer and use visad 
>object in the applet in new opened explorer.I can see Visad object in new 
>opened Internet Explorer but when I print it out , it is all black . Do you 
>have any solution for my problem?
>Yakup Bayram

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