RE: DisplayImpl Simplified: addReferences

Thank you!!!  That's the magical incantation I was looking for.  Putting
disableAction() and enableAction() around all my addReferences() runs just
as fast as my previous kludge, and feels much better.  That's a good way to
finish the week.

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> Sent: Friday, January 25, 2002 3:21 PM
> The big performance gain you see in removing the use
> of mapslock in addReferences() might also be acheivable
> by enclosing the sequence of operations on your
> DisplayImpl between calls to display.disableAction()
> and display.enableAction(). Probably your first
> addReferences() triggers a call to doAction(), which
> locks out later addReferences() calls. The disableAction()
> will prevent the doAction() call until the enableAction().

Randall W. Simons
Sandia National Laboratories

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