Re: Oops, Re: General advice (graphs?)

Hi Manuel,

> I plan to do it in a way, that the rendering is not concerned with the
> layout, it receives data from the layouter(s) and maps it to
> DisplayRealTypes. (I would like to stick to Visad's existing renderers.) I
> am pretty new to visad, so I wonder if you are concerned with performance of
> such a probably naive approach.

That's the right approach. Where possible, use VisAD's
existing logic at the start, and only extend its classes
as necessary.

> Hopefully. In the next days I will try to make the simple but effective
> TouchGraph ( layout code work with a visad 3d
> example, just to get a feel for it.
> My final goal is to have a linear arithmetic constraint solver (like the
> great Cassowary
> play along
> with various layouting algorithms concurrently. This would allow for an
> interesting mix of strict and loose layouting strategies - and probably it's
> a benefit for the design because this requires a very abstracted notion of
> the domain objects, so the systems (graph layout, solver, visad) can play
> together.

Great. VisAD doesn't include any graph layout algorithms,
and it would be nice if you produce some that work with
VisAD. We'd be happy to add links to your work when its


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