Re: Official VisAD logo

My two cents:

I think the logo should include "VisAD" in 3D.

We should also have an animated version that rotates, zooms, or whatever.

I like the idea of including some data representation (e.g. a globe) but
we shouldn't be too specific about the type of data (e.g. met only) since
VisAD can do so much more. 

Ideally, we should use VisAD to create it.

Hopefully someone more creative that I can implement such a thing.


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On Tue, 22 Jan 2002, Dave Glowacki wrote:

> I've put together a page with all the current alternatives.
> The right picture is the author's logo, the left picture is
> the logo displayed at a uniform width.  I arbitrarily chose
> a width of 150 pixels, since that was the average width of
> the first three submissions.  The height is whatever was
> appropriate to maintain the original picture's aspect ratio.

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