Re: mouse behavior

My message does not say you can add your own extension of
the Java3D MouseBehavior class. You need to extend the
visad.java3d.MouseBehaviorJ3D class. See:

for information about how to use this in the Java2D case
(the Java3D case is analogous).

Good luck, Bill

On Tue, 15 Jan 2002, gaoming fu wrote:

> Hello, All
> I have a MouseRotate class which extends Java3D's MouseBehavior class.
> This class
> allows users to rotate my 3D image using left mouse within the specified
> x and y ranges so that the users can not see the bottom of my image. The
> Java3D's MouseRotate class allows users to view the image from any angles
> using left mouse, the same for the default VisAD
> mouse behavior. Now I want to apply my own MouseRotate class to my
> DisplayImplJ3D, i.e., I do not want to use the default mouse behavior of
> VisAD. I searched VisAD
> email archive and found Bill's message on 26 Jul 1999. So I followed what
> Bill said and added the following code to my program:
> DisplayRendererJ3D display_renderer
>  (DisplayRendererJ3D) display.getDisplayRenderer();
> TransformGroup trans = display_renderer.getTrans();
> if(trans == null)
>  System.out.println("trans is empty");
> MouseRotate my_mouse = new MouseRotate();
> BoundingSphere bounds
>  new BoundingSphere(new Point3d(0.0,0.0,0.0), 200000000.0);
> my_mouse.setTransformGroup(trans);
> my_mouse.setSchedulingBounds(bounds);
> BranchGroup group = new BranchGroup();
> Group.addChild(my_mouse);
> trans.addChild(group);
> After I run my program, I still can rotate and zoom the image as before,
> i.e., these codes
> do not do anything.
> Any help will be highly appreciated.
> Gaoming Fu
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