Re: Ken Stephenson's Email

"Luke Catania \(TEC\)" wrote:
> Even though the list servers say the
> virus attachment was stripped I found it still embedded email when I run the
> Message Properties and Message Source options.

Luke, I'm working on getting a filter program installed on our
mailing list server so we can filter out these messages.

I'd like to try to clarify exactly what is happening here.

Currently, our mailing list server isn't filtering out the virus.
Those messages are coming from other machines to whom the original
message is being sent by our server.

Specifically, the chain of events looks like this:

1) A message containing the virus is sent to the visad mailing list
2) the visad list server sends copies of the message out to everyone
   on the list
3) A machine with 'ScanMail for Microsoft Exchange' installed
   receives a copy of the message and detects the virus.  It then:
 a) forwards the message on to the person who was supposed to
    receive the message
 b) saves a copy of the attachment to that remote machine's disk
    (not to our list server's disk or to your machine's disk)
 c) sends an email message to the original recipient detailing
    what has been done, with a carbon copy mailed to the original
    sender (which in this case is <visad-list@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>)
 d) the mailing list server receives the ScanMail message and
    forwards it to everyone in the list.

Note that our mailing list software has nothing to do with these
ScanMail messages.  They're coming from other machines on only
apply to those machines.

ScanMail's action is appropriate for person-to-person
communications, but isn't terribly useful when it's replying
to a mailing list.  I'm working on filtering out both these
annoying viruses and the followup ScanMail messages.

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