Re: Viruses on VisAD-List

"Luke A. Catania" wrote:
> I have been receiving viruses from various people on the VisAD list.  I
> get the message below stating that the virus was removed, yet McAfee on
> my system states the virus is still in the email. And when I pull up the
> proerties on the partiucular email and look at the message source, I
> still see an attachment.
> Can somone please look into this???

If you look more closely, you'll see that there are two or
more messages.

The first message contains the actual virus.

The other messages are from various mail servers which have
received the message from the VisAD mailing list, found a virus,
then replied back to the mailing list with that information.

This would be a useful action in a one-to-one correspondence
(where the mail server sends a message back to the person who
sent the otiginal message) but it's somewhat confusing when
the server is replying to a mailing list.

However, there's little we can do about either the virus message
or any replies (except advise you not to run Microsoft OSes :-)

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