new GDV release

Hi all-

A new version of the Gridded Data Viewer (GDV) prototype developed
as part of the Unidata MetApps project has been released and can 
be downloaded through Webstart at:

Compiled classes, source code and javadocs for all Unidata
MetApps classes are available at:
The new version offers enhancements to the 3D portion of the GDV

  - remote data access
  - animation
  - multiple vertical cross sections
  - clipping
  - a handful of derived parameters (wind speed, dewpoint,wind vectors,
mixing ratio)
  - wind vector plots
  - time selection

This is the last release of this prototype.   Work is in progress
on an Integrated Data Viewer (IDV) which allows analysis and
display of grid, satellite, radar, point and text datasets.  Our
goal is to provide a framework and a set of components that can
be used to develop custom applications.  As we continue in
this development, we will notify the list of any releases.

Don Murray