Re: Border Panel

Hi Yakup,

>My internet explorer is set to Java 2 v.1.3.1_02 for applets.
>In the autoexec.bat file I set class path for Visad.jar and it works in
>Visual Cafe' Xe 4 however, in web browser It doesn't see the visad.jar.

It looks to me like your applet can't find VisAD-related code.  If you
want VisAD to work in an applet, you must set the archive flag of your
web site's applet tag to "visad.jar", and place visad.jar on the web
site with the applet code.  In addition, you must have the Java Plugin
installed (it comes with JDK 1.3, or can be downloaded separately), and
I recommend running your HTML file through Sun's HTML Converter program.


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