RendererJ3D.setLinks: already set

Hi all,

I have a small problem with DirectManipulationRendererJ3D. I?m adding
data to my display with a DMRJ3D. Later on I have to remove this data
with DisplayImpl.removeAllReferences() and add it again with the same
(!) DMRJ3D. Hence my code does something like that:

DataReference reference = new DataReference(?ref?);
DirectManipulationRendererJ3D renderer = new

// Do some other initializations

display.addReferences(renderer, reference);

// Do something else

display.addReferences(renderer, reference);

That's where I get the Exception:

visad.DisplayException: RendererJ3D.setLinks: already set
you are probably re-using a DataRenderer

Is there a way to avoid this Exception. Is there any way to re-use a
DataRenderer, perhaps with the help of the DataRenderer.removeLink()

Thanks for any help, Mathias

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