Re: Pure white 3-D display

> Good. It was a cool project.

I'm going to the next level now and turning Equinox into a semantic
research knowledge base.  I'll try to make as much of it available to
the Internet as I can.

> Within the past year we disabled shading with texture maps

Duh!  That did not occur to me.

One more quick question-- which I asked before but never got working to
my satisfaction.  The display is a 3D histogram of the distribution of
documents based on strong concepts returned by the Kohonen SOM algorithm.
You can see the histogram at

Hopefully that link is still up.  In usability studies at the AI group
at Arizona they found that users liked color graphs so to please these types
I'd like to color code the histogram.  Since I really don't have 4D data
the best I could do is to code by elevation (# documents associated with
a particular concept).  A quick attempt of this yields:

    ScalarMap documents=new ScalarMap((RealType) range,Display.ZAxis);
    ScalarMap colormap = new ScalarMap((RealType) range,Display.RGB);

So we're just mapping the number of documents and the color to the 
elevation/altitude.  The results are interesting but not very pleasing
(I can post an image if you want).  Do you have any other suggestions
where we can vary the color so that peaks stand out not just by height
but by color (my suggestion a few years ago was to make the peaks white
so it looked like snow).


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