Re: VisAD and MPG files


On Wed, 2 Jan 2002 d-nguyen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Does VisAD have capabilities to produce MPG files?

Not that I'm aware of; however, you could use visad.Util.captureDisplay()
to write JPEG files for, say, each frame of an animation if that's what
you're interested in {or, from Python:  saveplot()}.  There are several
ways to convert a series of JPGs to an MPEG (pic2mpg, ImageMagick + MPEG
utility, etc).

One of our grad students took this approach to capturing the images, and
then used the AnimationsApplet (AniS) to animated them on the web.


Tom Whittaker
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Space Science and Eng. Center
ph:  608.262.2759

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