crash with 4 windows

I am now getting a repeatible problem, probably with Java3D but maybe
has an idea how to fix it.

I have a .py script which opens 4 3d windows.  
1. has cloud wind vectors a map and a satellite image.
2. has a 3d scatter plot
3. has a 3d scatter plot
Those seem to work
4. has another cloud wind vectors a map and a satellite image.
The whole python interpreter crashes when I do a showDisplay on the 4th

This is run under Windows 2000 with Java 1.3

Here is the rather useless dump:

An unexpected exception has been detected in native code outside the VM.
Unexpected Signal : EXCEPTION_GUARD_PAGE occurred at PC=0x690a5f32
Function name=(N/A)

NOTE: We are unable to locate the function name symbol for the error
      just occurred. Please refer to release documentation for possible
      reason and solutions.

Current Java thread:
        at Method)

Dynamic libraries:
0x00400000 - 0x00405000         C:\apps\visad\jre\bin\java.exe
0x77F80000 - 0x77FFB000         C:\WINNT\System32\ntdll.dll
0x77DB0000 - 0x77E0B000         C:\WINNT\system32\ADVAPI32.dll
0x77E80000 - 0x77F35000         C:\WINNT\system32\KERNEL32.DLL
0x77D40000 - 0x77DB0000         C:\WINNT\system32\RPCRT4.DLL
0x78000000 - 0x78046000         C:\WINNT\system32\MSVCRT.dll
0x6D420000 - 0x6D4EE000         C:\apps\visad\jre\bin\hotspot\jvm.dll
0x77E10000 - 0x77E74000         C:\WINNT\system32\USER32.dll
0x77F40000 - 0x77F7C000         C:\WINNT\system32\GDI32.DLL
0x77570000 - 0x775A0000         C:\WINNT\System32\WINMM.dll
0x6D220000 - 0x6D227000         C:\apps\visad\jre\bin\hpi.dll
0x6D3B0000 - 0x6D3BD000         C:\apps\visad\jre\bin\verify.dll
0x6D250000 - 0x6D266000         C:\apps\visad\jre\bin\java.dll
0x6D3C0000 - 0x6D3CD000         C:\apps\visad\jre\bin\zip.dll
0x6D020000 - 0x6D128000         C:\apps\visad\jre\bin\awt.dll
0x77800000 - 0x7781D000         C:\WINNT\System32\WINSPOOL.DRV
0x75E60000 - 0x75E7A000         C:\WINNT\System32\IMM32.dll
0x77A50000 - 0x77B46000         C:\WINNT\system32\ole32.dll
0x6D1E0000 - 0x6D21B000         C:\apps\visad\jre\bin\fontmanager.dll
0x72800000 - 0x72846000         C:\WINNT\System32\DDRAW.dll
0x728A0000 - 0x728A6000         C:\WINNT\System32\DCIMAN32.dll
0x69000000 - 0x690CA000         C:\WINNT\System32\G400Icd.dll
0x1E4C0000 - 0x1E4D2000         C:\WINNT\System32\PDSHELL.DLL
0x1E5F0000 - 0x1E611000         C:\WINNT\System32\PDTOOLS.DLL
0x782F0000 - 0x78532000         C:\WINNT\system32\SHELL32.dll
0x77C70000 - 0x77CBA000         C:\WINNT\system32\SHLWAPI.DLL
0x77B50000 - 0x77BD9000         C:\WINNT\system32\COMCTL32.DLL
0x1E730000 - 0x1E755000         C:\WINNT\System32\PDESKRES.DLL
0x1E890000 - 0x1E8A9000         C:\apps\visad\jre\bin\J3D.dll
0x69510000 - 0x695D7000         C:\WINNT\System32\OPENGL32.dll
0x6FAC0000 - 0x6FADF000         C:\WINNT\System32\GLU32.dll
0x6D340000 - 0x6D348000         C:\apps\visad\jre\bin\net.dll
0x75050000 - 0x75058000         C:\WINNT\System32\WSOCK32.dll
0x75030000 - 0x75043000         C:\WINNT\System32\WS2_32.DLL
0x75020000 - 0x75028000         C:\WINNT\System32\WS2HELP.DLL
0x785C0000 - 0x785CC000         C:\WINNT\System32\rnr20.dll
0x77980000 - 0x779A4000         C:\WINNT\System32\DNSAPI.DLL
0x77340000 - 0x77353000         C:\WINNT\System32\iphlpapi.dll
0x77520000 - 0x77525000         C:\WINNT\System32\ICMP.DLL
0x77320000 - 0x77337000         C:\WINNT\System32\MPRAPI.DLL
0x75150000 - 0x75160000         C:\WINNT\System32\SAMLIB.DLL
0x75170000 - 0x751BF000         C:\WINNT\System32\NETAPI32.DLL
0x77BE0000 - 0x77BEF000         C:\WINNT\System32\SECUR32.DLL
0x751C0000 - 0x751C6000         C:\WINNT\System32\NETRAP.DLL
0x77950000 - 0x77979000         C:\WINNT\system32\WLDAP32.DLL
0x779B0000 - 0x77A4B000         C:\WINNT\system32\OLEAUT32.DLL
0x773B0000 - 0x773DE000         C:\WINNT\System32\ACTIVEDS.DLL
0x77380000 - 0x773A2000         C:\WINNT\System32\ADSLDPC.DLL
0x77830000 - 0x7783E000         C:\WINNT\System32\RTUTILS.DLL
0x77880000 - 0x7790D000         C:\WINNT\System32\SETUPAPI.DLL
0x77C10000 - 0x77C6D000         C:\WINNT\System32\USERENV.DLL
0x774E0000 - 0x77512000         C:\WINNT\System32\RASAPI32.DLL
0x774C0000 - 0x774D1000         C:\WINNT\System32\RASMAN.DLL
0x77530000 - 0x77552000         C:\WINNT\System32\TAPI32.DLL
0x77360000 - 0x77379000         C:\WINNT\System32\DHCPCSVC.DLL
0x775A0000 - 0x77625000         C:\WINNT\System32\CLBCATQ.DLL
0x777E0000 - 0x777E8000         C:\WINNT\System32\winrnr.dll
0x777F0000 - 0x777F5000         C:\WINNT\System32\rasadhlp.dll
0x74FD0000 - 0x74FEF000         C:\WINNT\system32\msafd.dll
0x75010000 - 0x75017000         C:\WINNT\System32\wshtcpip.dll
0x61210000 - 0x6121C000         C:\Program Files\Microsoft
0x61220000 - 0x6122E000         C:\Program Files\Microsoft
0x76B30000 - 0x76B6E000         C:\WINNT\system32\COMDLG32.DLL
0x77840000 - 0x7787C000         C:\WINNT\System32\cscui.dll
0x770C0000 - 0x770E3000         C:\WINNT\System32\CSCDLL.DLL
0x76E10000 - 0x76ED7000         C:\WINNT\System32\browseui.dll
0x76C80000 - 0x76D90000         C:\WINNT\System32\SHDOCVW.DLL
0x76FA0000 - 0x76FAF000         C:\WINNT\System32\ntshrui.dll
0x773E0000 - 0x773F2000         C:\WINNT\System32\ATL.DLL
0x77920000 - 0x77943000         C:\WINNT\system32\imagehlp.dll
0x72A00000 - 0x72A2D000         C:\WINNT\system32\DBGHELP.dll
0x27C50000 - 0x27C5B000         C:\WINNT\System32\PSAPI.DLL

Local Time = Thu Dec 27 11:12:21 2001
Elapsed Time = 583
# The exception above was detected in native code outside the VM
# Java VM: Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM (1.3.1_01 mixed mode)
# An error report file has been saved as hs_err_pid2248.log.
# Please refer to the file for further information.

G. Garrett Campbell Ph. D.
Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere
Colorado State University
Ft. Collins, CO, USA
970 491 8497

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