Memory problems with VisAD

Hi all,

My program dynamically creates displays and their content data, destroys
them and creates new displays with new data. I realized that after each
creation-destruction operation a portion of memory is not freed. I wrote
a small example program attached to demonstrate what I mean. Please run
it with "-verbose:gc" to get the needed memory information. You will see
that after each button-press an amount of memory will not be freed.
Because I'm working with huge datasets this behavior kills my system
every time I try to create a new display after destroying the old one.
So the loss of memory seems to be very real to me.
I also recognized the same problem with the RubberBandBoxRendererJ3D.
The renderer seems to allocate memory during dragging the mouse which is
not completely freed by the garbage collector (although I'm not really
sure if this memory is freed after a full GC). See this by running the
RubberBandBoxRendererJ3D main with the above option. Why does the
renderer allocate mem during dragging the mouse?
Is there a part in the VisAD logic I don't understand or is the garbage
collector fooling me?

Thanks for each comment on this, Mathias

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