Re: XML scientific data formats

On Thu, Dec 13, 2001 at 02:51:14PM +0100, Ugo Taddei wrote:

> I'm about to start some work on an XML Adapter and have considered two
> formats:

Hello Ugo,

I've written an XML Adapter for a project at the Australian Bureau of
Meteorology.  It was initially fairly specific to that project, but we
believe it's now general enough for other uses.  It will load and save
one or more Fields or FlatFields in XML format.  For a while we have
been talking about releasing the code for wider use, but have yet to
receive executive approval for that.

Also, I've done some preliminary work on saving arbitrary VisAD data in
XML format, ie having all of the VisAD MathType and Data hierarchies
expressable in XML.  The direction I was heading was specific to VisAD,
(eg using VisAD names for the XML element names), not a general format
like XSIL.

If you're interested, I could describe the format we're currently using.


> Ugo

Russell Steicke
Bureau of Meteorology

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