Spreadsheet & Remote Data Servers


Can I get the spreadsheet to load data which is available via a remote
data server other than the spreadsheet.
This remote data server is the usual VisAD RemoteServerImpl which
provides  the data  via RemoteDataReferences.

I've tried using the spreadsheet to access a URL such as:

Looking at the documentation, this should work if the remote server is a
Can I modify my remote data server to provide the data in a way that the
spreadsheet is expecting?

As an alternative, should I consider writing some external java code to
access the remote server, and linking it to the spreadheet as per "Linking to External Java Code" of the Developer's Guide?
(... or maybe there are other options?).

[I don't want to save the data to a file such as netCDF because the data
is changing rapidly... many times a minute]

Thanks in advance,


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