Re: Horizontal slices of 3D data

Hi Patrick, hi list,

"From: Bill Hibbard " wrote:
> Hi Patrick,
> You can do what you want by constructing a Gridded3DSet
> with manifold dimension = 2. This is a set consisting of
> some number of rows by some number of columns, like your
> Linear2DSet, but you explicitly set the (x, y, z)
> coordinates of each point in the set. This can be used
> to make "curvy" grids, although in your case you'd
> probably make evenly spaced "linear" grids, but with all
> the points at the desired z level. In fact, you could pass
> this set to the resample() method of your original volume
> FlatField of signal excess, and just pass the returned
> FlatField to the setData() method of your DataRerence.

There's a brand new example which illustrates this in the tutorial,
which, after the next release, will be available from

The newest section has many examples of interaction and resampling. What
you want to do is shown in example P6_9 (which unfortunately has a bug
somewhere and which isn't described in the text, yet).

 Chapter 6 is not finished. However, the previous examples (1 to 8) have
the same logic of moving slices and sampling lines and you only have to
"extrapolate" to a 3rd dimension.

There's more to come in section 6, to be officially released soon, at a
web site near you ;-)



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