Re: gridded3dset

Hi John,

> Please excuse my ignorance in VisAD.  Suppose I want to generate a shape with 
> say a circular base, is it still possible to use gridded3DSet with a manifold 
> dimension of 2?  Since a circular base has less points in a rectangular grid 
> system than a rectangular base with lengthX * lengthY number of points, is it 
> pretty much impossible to generate shapes with non-ractangular base with 
> gridded3dset?  I guess didn't understand the documentation very well when it 
> stated that GriddedSets are N-dimensional sets with rectangular topologies 
> but not necessarily rectangular geometries.  Thanks in advance.

A Gridded3DSet with manifold dimension = 2 is a rectangular
grid of points (like a checkerboard), arbitrarily twisted
and warped in 3-D. For radar data it could be a set of radial
distances crossed with a set of angles (i.e., the checkerboard
would be formed by a set of radial lines and a set of concentric
circles). In 3-D circular grid may lie on a cone shape.

Good luck, Bill

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