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I believe the quoted passage means:

A circle (or any other shape) would be represented by rectangularly oriented
(I guess this means they don't have to be square, though I would expect
square orientation suits a circle, non-square perhaps for an ellipse.)

Possible representations (in non-proportional font) in two dimensions:



     . . 
   . . . .
 . . . . . .
 . . . . . .
   . . . .
     . .

depending on the desired resolution in each direction.

I didn't understand what you said about a circular base requiring fewer

I am sure others can give a more detailed explanation/correction.

- David

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Please excuse my ignorance in VisAD.  Suppose I want to generate a shape
with say a circular base, is it still possible to use gridded3DSet with a
manifold dimension of 2?  Since a circular base has less points in a
rectangular grid system than a rectangular base with lengthX * lengthY
number of points, is it pretty much impossible to generate shapes with
non-ractangular base with gridded3dset?  I guess didn't understand the
documentation very well when it stated that 

GriddedSets are N-dimensional sets with rectangular topologies but not
necessarily rectangular geometries.  

Thanks in advance.

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