Re: AW: performance issue with multiple data

Hi Mathias,

> I'm not doing any re-autoscaling. But perhaps the problem is my
> datastructure. I have about 1080 GeoLocations to manage, e.g. 1080
> FlatFields each of them holding data for two Longitude-Latitude-Points.
> So each FlatField represents a line. I don't know how fast VisAD can
> handle such data. Is there a way to improve my datastructure? I need to
> draw every GeoLocation as single line not as polyline. So a MathType
> like (index -> (longitude, latitude)) won't work. Therefore I've chosen
> to manage my data as (index -> (longitude -> latitude)) as you can see
> from the source of the former mail.

You might try using a UnionSet of 1080 Sets, each containing a
pair of lats and lons, for the domain Set of one FlaatField.
Each pair will be drawn as a line, but the lines in the union
won't be connected together. There will be 1080 * 2 range values
for this single FlatField.

Or you could try a FieldImpl with MathType:

  (count -> (index -> (longitude -> latitude)))

where each range value is one of your 1080 FlatFields. Having
1080 DataReferences linked to a Display may be a bit slow.

Good luck, Bill

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