Re: texture mapping on to VisADGeometryArray Shape

Hi John,

> . . .
> I chose to generate my shape as VisADGeometryArray because I am able to
> rotate the shape without recalculating all the coordinates through some
> function(s).
> . . .

You can generate your shape using a MathType and a set of ScalarMaps,
and still rotate the shape in the display using the setMatrix()
method of the ProjectionControl. If you really want to generate your
shape explicitly, you might try a Gridded3DSet or an Irregular3DSet
with manifold dimension = 2 (for a surface shape). You might use
this Set as the domain Set of a FlatField with MathType:

  ((latitude, longitude, altitude) -> temperature)

Then map lat - > y, lon -> x, alt -> z and temp -> IsoContour.


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