Visad and Maps

Hi guys,

I'm working with Cicero and we are stucked with this difficulty to plot
maps using the Visad library. The fact is that we don't want to reinvent
the wheel and I've told him to ask people who already had the same
problem about their solutions.

Maybe we're doing the wrong way, mostly because our visualization
experience are with softwares like GrADS and OpenDX. But in other hand,
we didn't find any practical approach about using maps with Visad.

We also checked that some people asked about using Openmap with Visad,
what leads us to think that this could be a solution to our case because
we also have here this other project of lightning monitoring in which we
are using the Openmap library to display custom maps like counties,
rivers, powerlines, roads, political boundaries, etc.

But before we start to try this approach, I would really appreciate
suggestions and comments about this "map displaying" issue and how other
people succeed in plotting maps with Visad.
Fábio Sato - sato@xxxxxxxxxx

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