Re: VisAD SS under Win2000 ?

Hi Mel,

> Is it possible, without too much pain, to run VisAD Spreahsheet on a PC (1
> GHz 
> Pentium 3) running Windows 2000 ?  
> if so, whatever pointers etc. you can supply would be appreciated.

You can download JDK 1.3 for Windows 2000 from:

This will enable you to run the VisAD SpreadSheet.

> if not, then is a HP workstation running HP-UX 11 an option ?

JDK 1.2 is also available for HP-UX, although I haven't
personally used it. This should enable you to run the
VisAD SpreadSheet. Perhaps someone else can tell you more
about Java under HP-UX.

You'll also need Java3D if you want 3-D displays. Java3D
is available for both Windows 200 and HP-UX.


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