Intermittent lack of display in applet

I've got a project that downloads a bunch of data from a server and
displays it in a JFrame that is created by an applet.  Sometimes, after
re-loading the applet and re-downloading the data, VisAD will not display
the data.  I get the axes in the 3-d view, and I can move them around with
the mouse, however, one of the axes doesn't have tick marks on it.  In the
2-d view, neither axis has tic marks.  And neither view has data.  
Additionally, I've got a color legend that contains hard-coded values that
also fails to display itself.

On a good day, this only happens about 1 out of 8 re-loads, but on a bad
day, every other re-load will turn out this way.  This never happens the
first time after starting the browser however, and a work-around I've
found is to just re start the browser each time I want to re-load.

One more thing to add, after a failed display, if I re-load the data and
re-display it, it works.

Any ideas what's going on here?



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