Re: reAutoScale

Bill Hibbard wrote:
> >
> > I am now calling reAutoScale() and reDisplayAll() after calling
> > DataRenderer.toggle( false ). The axes do not rescale. (I'm pretty sure
> > that I never called setRange on the ScalarMaps.) Is the DataRenderer's
> > enabled state considered when auto scaling is doing its thing? Should
> > it?
> toggle(false) should not remove a DataRenderer and its data
> from the auto-scaling logic. 

Are you saying that the correct behavior is that toggle(false) NOT
affect the auto scaling?

I want to be able to turn data visibility on and off and have the axes
scaled to fit the visible data. I could write some code to enforce this,
but I thought that toggling the data off should have the same effect. I
could add/remove the DataReferences but that is less efficient.

If toggle(false) won't do what I want, what is the best way to determine
min/max ranges of Fields? Does VisAD have a convenient method for doing
this? Would I be better off going back to add/removing DataReferences?


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